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Community Services

Human Rights Council of India is strongly committed to serving the community. The Trust plays an active role at various levels, conducting focused programs aimed at building awareness of addiction related issues. Such programs form the prevention aspect of our PERT model (Prevention, Education, Research, and Treatment). Hope Trust also collaborates with agencies (such as Police Department, corporates and educational institutions) for such initiatives.

We conduct awareness programs at:

  • Identified segments of society, especially the marginalized and underprivileged like jail inmates, street children and similar forums.
  • Corporates (Employee Assistance Programs)
  • Public institutions, WB Police and other institutions.
  • Institutions such as schools, colleges and clubs.

Apart from the above, we are actively involved in the following activities:

  • Interactions with media (print and electronic) to spread awareness Frequent articles, interviews in leading publications, TV and radio channels.
  • Participate in seminars and other health forums, medical exhibitions.
  • Social Media (Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter).