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Help for Destitute & Orphans

Due to its immensity, India has a large number of deprived and orphan children, who are without homes and even families. They are provided shelter in orphanages and homes being run by various non-government organizations throughout the country. We have had our ties with several orphanages where you can volunteer. These places are located both rural and urban areas. The orphanages in India normally provide the kids with meals food, shelter, education, and healthcare. These orphanages are the ultimate home of these millions of children.

Though children are considered as the future of any nation, these distressed children who come from difficult circumstances that detach them from the joys of childhood are in desperate hope of their better future. No doubt, these tiny tots require love, care, affection warmth and education. Volunteer assistance is, thus, a very much desirable and most engaging in such places in India.

We believe that interest and motivation count equally to that of the experiences. So we have not framed any specific qualification or skill needed to join the orphanage volunteer project. Needless to say, volunteers must be flexible and enduring enough to be with the children. You should have passion and love for orphans and they deserve it.